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Spacetoon Regional office of Jordan

 Wasfi Al-tal Street. Sabri Olayan Building Email:
Tel:  +96265604556
Fax:  +96265604557
P.o. Box 541104 Amman 11937 Jordan


Spacetoon Kids TV – regional office Jordan 

Spacetoon is considered one of the world’s most important children’s media establishments specifically targeting Arab and Muslim communities. The Spacetoon Media Group consists of a television channel for children, a magazine production and distribution service as well the manufacturing of educational and toy products. We are the regional point of contact for the Spacetoon Media Group.  

Spacetoon meets the standards set by the world’s best media networks in engaging children’s interest and attention and promoting interaction and learning. This is done using a contemporary style and language that children find naturally appealing and we stimulate the child’s imagination through a unique variety of artistic and creative forms. Our productions are readily accepted by children and this facilitates the delivery of educational messages.

Because of the huge number of children who are watching Spacetoon channel and reading the Spacetoon magazines, Spacetoon is not only efficient but also highly effective medium for delivering educational messages to children. We accept proposals from a wide range of humanitarian and development organizations, to create media campaigns specifically targeting our audiences. Our partner list from the humanitarian and development sectors includes: World Health Organization, UNICEF, the Mines Advisory Group and Save the Children. We have been able to assist in addressing the post-conflict challenges facing children, posed by the recent wars in Iraq and Lebanon.

Our children are in need of awareness and encouragement to give them the self-confidence to confront the difficult and uncertain conditions of today’s world. We make sure that they receive what they need in the right way.

                                                                    Regional Manager

                                                                     Hussam A. Hadi

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